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Hi, I'm Tracey Mac! 
I will help you create a life you truly desire and deserve. 

I believe that life is so much better when you talk to yourself like you would to a true best friend and build the trust within yourself to know you will always have your own back!

I love synchronicity & "coincidences" (actually it's the first chapter in my book "The Gift of Shift") and I love helping people reveal their innate gifts and lead a life defined by inspiration, light, and creativity.

It's my mission to help you discover the key within to unlock your best life & awaken your unlimited potential!

Tracey MacDonald,
International Life, Leadership Coach & Author.

You might know Tracey MacDonald as the co-author of the acclaimed book, The Gift of Shift or as a sought-after international coach and public speaker, but what you probably don't know is that Tracey has been inspiring and creating clarity for others most of her life—long before she realized it was her calling. 


From an early age, Tracey was affectionately known among her friends as "the vault," a testament to her ability to create safe spaces and hold others' deepest, most private truths close to her heart. 


As a life, leadership, and mentor coach, passionate entrepreneur, and personal growth junkie, she uses the same compassionate approach to encourage her clients to increase their self awareness and shift into a life with greater peace, joy and fulfillment.


Drawing on the power of deep intuitive listening, energy awareness, neuro-linguistic programming & science, Tracey helps her clients meet themselves on a deeper level, explore their emotions, uncover their blindspot and harness their mindsets to move forward powerfully and create positive, lasting change.


Whether it’s through one-on-one coaching, supportive group coaching, immersive workshops, Energy Leadership Index Assessments, or inspiring speaking engagements, Tracey is passionate about guiding others toward purposeful lives aligned with their values and aspirations. Ultimately she loves helping people get out of their own way, raise their energy vibration, increase their confidence, cultivate deep and meaningful connections in their relationships & experience the magic of their true power!

Tracey Mac Coaching | Life Coach and Mentor | New Brunswick

Coaching & Energy Leadership

I am a Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Keynote Speaker, Workshop/Training Facilitator, Author and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I am a ICF Mentor Coach and also hold a PCC credential with the International Coach Federation.

Tracey Mac Coaching | Life Coach and Mentor | New Brunswick

POWER-UP for Coaches

Being a coach, we know about the big fat elephant who can stomp through the room of our mind (yes our inner critic), whenever we step outside our comfort zone.

Tracey Mac Coaching | Life Coach and Mentor | New Brunswick

Energy Leadership Coaching
for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Your Energy introduces you before you even speak.
What are you projecting? Let's take your leadership skills and /or business to the next level!

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Awaken your manifesting power.
Experience the magic of you!

Purchase your copy!

"The Gift of Shift" book: If life is weighing you down, feels out of control, keeping you stuck in the pain and emotion of your experiences, or you are simply wanting more out of life, then it's time for a shift. Tracey and Ann share a collection of short, personal and sometimes intimate stories each followed by a guided journal for the reader to reflect on the common life theme revealed in each story. Pain and growth, in all its forms, are universal life experiences.

We share this book with you in the hopes that it will help you shift, one page at a time.

"I simply loved this book. The Gift of Shift, is at its heart a call for you to NOTICE what is going on in your life. Open your eyes to the lessons your life is here to teach you."
-Melanie Gorman, SVP Tango Media

Tracey Mac Coaching | Life Coach and Mentor | New Brunswick

What my clients are saying!

“I have been using Tracey’s coaching services for the past two years, and my life would most likely still be in disarray if it wasn’t for her guidance. Tracey is totally dedicated to your personal success.  She provides you with a healthy, balanced perspective, allowing you the opportunity to reassess your situation and approach it from a confident, centered mind frame.  I highly recommend Tracey as your life coach, she has certainly helped me in countless ways and has changed my life for the better.”

P. Giuliani

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