As coaches we know about the big fat elephant who can stomp through the room of our mind (yes our inner critic), whenever we step outside our comfort zone. 


The overwhelming or frustrating feelings of being “not enough” in some way, or having draining doubts slip in the back door that can shadow our own greatness.


Yep you’re not alone, hence why coaches need coaches.


POWER-UP coaching sessions for coaches helps you gain more confidence, happiness and success that is created from within.


BREAK FREE from what's really holding you back.

Tap into your Unlimited Potential and make it happen with POWER-UP coaching

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(This call is for you if you believe in the power of coaching and recognize how important it is to keep doing the inner work for continual growth, abundance and expansion.)

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Coaching for Excellence Mentoring Sessions

Looking for a mentor coach for your ICF credential and/or your wanting to stay on top of your game to be the best kickass coach you can be.

Coaching for Excellence mentoring sessions (for coaches) will provide direct feedback on your coaching skills so you can gain clarity and confidence to take your coaching to the next level.

Keep your skillset sharp and in alignment with the ICF guidelines with Coaching Skills for Excellence Mentoring Sessions!

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Your Energy introduces you before you even speak. This assessment will help give you a snapshot of what you are projecting.


We lead with our energy, attitudes and behaviours everyday. The question to ask yourself is, "How well do I lead?"

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I) is a one-of-a kind, powerful attitudinal assessment that enables you to hold up a mirror to your energy, perceptions, behaviors, attitudes and overall leadership capabilities. The realizations that your gain from the E.L.I assessment and debrief process alone, will change the way you view your world. Awaken to a greater understanding of the power of your own energy.


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Ready to take your leadership skills and/or business to the next level?


Then welcome to Energy Leadership Coaching which is designed to help you lead by example with power, purpose and passion.


-Learn about the 7 levels of mindset to reveal insights on how you are investing your energy and what to do differently to help you maximize your potential.

- Gain insight to your energetic patterns that may be limiting you or draining you, to help you evolve into a more inspiring leader.


-Discover the power of increasing your Emotional Intelligence so you can strengthen your relationships and deal with difficult people with more ease.


-Tap into your zone of genius to find more creative solutions and grow your business.

Create more abundance and true success in your life!



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(This call is for you if you want to foster stronger relationships, better deal with difficult people, master your time, grow your business and/or become a more powerful and inspirational leader.)


Feeling stuck, out of balance or simple wanting more out of life? Wondering what's your next best step?

Inspired Soulutions Coaching sessions is designed to help you:

-Align with your values and purpose, so you can move forward in life with more clarity, confidence and ease.

-Step beyond limitations and self-imposed boundaries so you can own your worthiness, create more abundance and experience more freedom.

-Ignite your creative juices and connect to your flow.

- Explore how your emotions can be a guiding system and utilize them as a source of personal power (increase EQ).

- Connect to your inner wisdom and raise your energy vibration so you can live a more joyful & fulfilling, soul-inspired life. 


Experience the Magic of Your True Power!


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(This call is for you if life feels out of balance, tired of feeling stuck, wanting more out of life and/or wanting to take your growth & expansion to the next level.)

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